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Luts and Projectors

Lately I’ve been experimenting with luts and film grain effects. After a few failures I managed to get to something that i’m proud of. The editing software I use is DaVinci Resolve, both 14 and 15. I started fooling around with luts and film grain effects in DaVinci Resolve 14.  What I was trying to capture with this first attempt was the that vintage look and feel that film provides.  Again as I've already stated apply a lut in resolve is not heard. What I started tripping up on was how to apply a film grain effect. Resolve 14 does have a built in film grain effect, but in 14 you can't use it unless you have the full version, I only have the public beta. But then Resolve 15 came out, and you can use the built in film grain feature. To me this footage is just a proof of concept. i am by no means trying to convey that what I created is on par with an actual film camera or even a convincing reproduction. The raw footage I used was shoot on my phone, which does not have a quaintly camera, and I shoot the footage in portrait instead of landscape, and I resized it. The image then got all stretched out which really didn't help with the low quality. It's a hot mess, but it's a hot mess I'm proud of. Video below. 

Aside from fucking around with luts I had a manger thrift store find yesterday. I found a Kodak Instamatic M 80 8mm film projector. I'm very excited. The lamp turns on, the reel turns, and the focus works. To me untrained eye it looks like it's in good working condition. In my excitement I really wanted to see some film run through it. At this time I don't have any processed film, so I attempted to put unprocessed film through it. I made a few discovers its to big, and it burns. So I did not see film run through the projector. I have some processed film back at my parents house. When I get back that way. I'm bringing the projector with me, and hopefully the processed film with run through it. More updates to follow. Picture of the projector below. 

Kodak Instamatic M80 8mm film Projector


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